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​Business Education focuses on business and economic systems, information procedures, enterprises and ventures, and work environments. Business Education is important for students in the later years of compulsory schooling as it is at this time that they gain a degree of independence in accumulating and managing finances, make decisions about goods and services, and acquire legal rights and responsibilities as citizens.

Business is influenced and regulated by governments. Governments may seek to regulate business and economic activity via legal and economic systems when markets are not operating effectively or when consumers are concerned about business practices.

In the twenty-first century Business and Information Technologies are increasingly interlinked. Information and communication technology enables individuals to access, construct and publish information for particular purposes and audiences. It also allows communication and collaboration with others in real and virtual spaces. Individuals can use information and communication technology as a medium to express ideas and be creative.


The following Business subjects are offered at Aldridge State High School:

  • Business Studies - years 7 - 9
  • Accounting - years 10 - 12
  • Business - years 10 - 12
  • Legal Studies - years 10 - 12
  • Certificate I in Business - year 10
  • Certificate II in Business - years 11 - 12