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The Design subject focuses on the application of design thinking to envisage creative products, services and environments in response to human needs, wants and opportunities. Designing is a complex and sophisticated form of problem-solving that uses divergent and convergent thinking strategies that can be practised and improved. Designers are separated from the constraints of production processes to allow them to appreciate and exploit innovative ideas.
Students will learn how design has influenced the economic, social and cultural environment in which they live. They will understand the agency of humans in conceiving and imagining possible futures through design. Students will develop valuable 21st century skills in critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration and teamwork, personal and social skills, and information & communication technologies (ICT) skills. Collaboration, teamwork and communication are crucial skills needed to work in design teams and liaise with stakeholders. The design thinking students learn is broadly applicable to a range of professions and supports the development of critical and creative thinking.