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Early Childhood

The primary focus of the early childhood field of study and industry is to promote the wellbeing of young children and a greater awareness of the importance of quality practices in the wider community. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to develop knowledge and understanding including human development, the needs and rights of children, the value of play, concepts of childhood, the role of parents, the importance of families, behaviour management, special needs, workplace health and safety, industry practice and expectations, and legislation and ethical issues.


Year 10

​Unit Plan ​Assessment ​Exemplar
Unit 1​ ​Growth and Development Assignment
​Unit 2 ​Physical Care of Children ​Practical Skills
​Unit 3 ​Physical Development ​Assignment
​Unit 4 ​Working With Children ​Assignment


Year 11


​Unit Plan ​Assessment ​Exemplar
​Unit 1 ​Growing and Learning ​Assignment
​Unit 2 ​Play in Early Childhood ​Design Task
​Unit 3 ​Introduction to Early Childhood ​Investigation Essay
​Unit 4 ​Understanding Growth & Development ​Observation Booklet


 ​ Year 12


​Unit Plan Assessment​​
​Unit 1 Children's Literature ​Assignment
​Unit 2 ​Social and Emotional Development of Children ​Assignment
​Unit 3 ​Children With Special Needs Assignment​
​Unit 4 ​Accident Prevention & Safety
​Unit 5 ​Creativity Self-Expression & Problem Solving





Playground Safety Assignment

Special Needs Assignment