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​Economics is the study of how to use scarce resources in the best way possible. Households, businesses and governments are confronted with the economic problem of alternative uses of their limited resources. This course of study stresses the desirability of understanding the significance of economic events as well as the implications of individual, business and government economic decision making.


The emphasis is on the application of economic skills and concepts to the problem and issues facing Australian society. It helps students gain key employment skills and competencies and to participate effectively in, and contribute to, economic decision making

​Term ​               Year 10 Unit Plans ​             Assessment
​   ​1 Introduction to Economics ​Exam
​   2
​   3
​   4
​Term Year 11 Unit Plans ​Assessment
   ​1 Markets and Models ​Short Response Test
​   2 ​Labour Economics ​Extended Response to Stimulus
   ​3 ​Micro-Economic Issues ​Research Task
​   4 ​Industry and Market Concentration/ Share Markets ​Multi-Modal Presentation
​Term ​​Year 12 Unit Plans ​Assessment
​1 Micro-Economic Management

​Short Response Test

Extended Response To Stimulus

​2 ​Environmental Economics/ Wealth Distribution ​Research Task
​3 ​International Economics ​Multi-Modal Presentation
​4 ​Globalisation and Trade/ Systems and Developments ​Extended Written Test