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Information Technology



In a world that is increasingly digitised and automated, it is important that students can navigate and prosper in this world.
Digital Technologies empowers students to shape change by influencing how information systems and practices are applied to meet current and future needs. A deep knowledge and understanding of information systems enables students to be creative and discerning decision-makers when they select, use and manage data, information, processes and digital systems to meet needs. Digital systems also support new ways of collaborating and communicating, and require new skills such as computational and systems thinking. These technologies are an essential problem-solving toolset in our knowledge-based society.
Information and Communication Technology will equip students with knowledge of current and emerging hardware and software combinations, an understanding of how to apply them in real- world contexts and the skills to use them to solve technical and/or creative problems. Students will develop knowledge, understanding and skills across multiple platforms and operating systems, and will be ethical and responsible users and advocates of ICT, aware of the social, environmental and legal impacts of their actions. Through practice in problem-solving in a variety of contexts, both individually and collaboratively, it promotes adaptable, competent and self-motivated users and consumers of ICT who can work with clients and colleagues to identify issues and solve problems.
In Digital Solutions, students learn about algorithms, computer languages and user interfaces through generating digital solutions to problems. They engage with data, information and applications to create digital solutions that filter and present data in timely and efficient ways while understanding the need to encrypt and protect data. They understand computing’s personal, local and global impact, and the issues associated with the ethical integration of technology into our daily lives.