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​Mathematics is a unique and powerful way of viewing the world to investigate patterns, order, generality and uncertainty. Mathematics assists individuals to make meaning of their world. The use of mathematics empowers individuals to distil the essence of life experiences into universally true abstractions and, at the same time, to apply these abstract ideas to interpret new situations in the real world. 

Mathematical concepts and the processes of mathematical analysis and justification provide a unique and coherent framework for explaining a myriad of physical and social phenomena.

The concise language of mathematics, verbal and symbolic, enables communication of shared mathematical understandings within and among communities. An understanding of mathematical knowledge, procedures and strategies empowers individuals to be effective participants in an interdependent world.

Mathematics has evolved within and across cultures, developing in response to cultural needs and ways of viewing and interpreting a range of life situations and working mathematically in response to life situations has characterised, and will continue to characterise, the evolution of mathematics.

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