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Consumerism and the marketplace

Term 3 – Marketing
Students will learn the meaning of marketing and how business organizations control the marketing mix to achieve their marketing objectives.  Students will undertake an in-depth study of the 4 P’s of marketing:  product, promotion, price, and place.  They will also be required to study a current product and make improvements to its current marketing campaign.  Students will be required to form small groups in order to produce a suitable television advertisement for a business/product of their choice. 
Recommended Subject Matter

Week 1

Continue with theory on marketing

Week 2

Activities and case studies to reinforce theory. Discuss different forms of advertising media – radio, TV, magazines, direct mail, etc.  Discuss images created by advertising.  Discuss jingles and examine TV advertisements. 

Week 3

The 4 P’s of marketing including product, promotion, price, place
Start promotion: preparing posters, brochures, choose suitable prices for goods

Week 4

Production of goods
Prepare for Market Day: float money, posters, price lists, label products, arrange packaging of products

Week 5

Market Day this week

Week 6

Written reports due this week (finalise Income Statements, complete evaluations, work on slideshow)

Week 7

Oral presentations this week

Week 8

Catch up orals, Excel

Week 9


Week 10

Term 4 – Consumerism and Spreadsheeting
Students conduct research on a topic of their choice in the area of business and consumerism.  They will study how to be responsible consumers by learning their rights and responsibilities when purchasing goods and services.  Topics may include email scamming, insurance, mobile phones and contracts.  At the conclusion of this task students will then study speadsheeting and use the Microsoft Excel computing package.