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Frequently asked questions

​​What are the benefits of BYOX?

Our students are living in a world where they have immediate access to information anytime and anywhere. Having a personally-owned device allows students to learn in their own style and at their own pace. With digital learning, every student can access high quality and rigorous instruction, thereby maximising their opportunity for success in school and beyond.

Specific Benefits include:​

  • Allows for personalised learning​
  • Improved student learning outcomes​
  • Improved collaboration​
  • Give students greater choice and more independence​
  • It creates a model for lifelong learning
  • Smooth transition between home and school
  • ​Allows for 24/7/365 access
  • Provides easier student access to online instructional materials
  • Supplements school resources and equipment
  • Normalisation of technology

Do all students have to be part of the BYOx program?​

Yes, all students in the relevant year levels, according to the school's implementation timeline below, will be part of the program. 

2017 -  year 10 - all year; year 9 - term 4
2018 - years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
2019 - all year levels.

What if I can’t afford to buy a device? ​

Application can be made to the school for an equity device. Contact the front office for information. Eligible Applicants need to hold a current Healthcare Card or be able to demonstrate financial hardship to be considered.​

What devices are permitted?

We are a Windows based school and primary devices must run Windows 8 or higher. 

IOS devices can be used as secondary devices if necessary. They will work on the school network however access is limited to the school’s internet only. There is no access to files stored on the school network or printing.  The ability to complete class and assessment pieces may be hampered depending on the subject area.

We recommend you review the BYOx Device Options document linked from the BYOx Program page. The minimum specifications may be reviewed and updated over time to reflect the nature of technological change however good devices purchased now, such as our recommended device, will last many years into the future.

How much will the device be used at school?

Devices are tools for learning that will be used along with all the other tools available at school and home (e.g. pen, paper, calculators, books, computers etc).  Students’ devices will only be used when they are a great fit for learning and enhance the experience.

All things, no matter how good, can be used excessively and this may lead to problems: food (obesity), exercise (exhaustion or injury), reading (eye strain) and technology. In all things, therefore, moderation in use is important.  We do not require the students to use their devices all the time; it is important that they engage in a range of activities. We do not substitute the device where it is not needed and we will only use it where best fit. We want our students to become creators with technology, not consumers of technology. We all have a role to play in teaching our students technology etiquette and we know that if not managed correctly technology can become a distraction. It is our job to teach students of the need to recognise this fact and be technology free where appropriate.

Do you have advice about online safety?

Educating students about safety online is everyone’s responsibility. At school teachers reinforce safe digital practices when opportunities arise in class. Students are also presented with information on responsible Digital Citizenship. This information is available on the link below.

Digital Citizenship Presentation (PDF, 798KB)

Up-to-date and comprehensive advice on online safety for you and your children can be found below.

For students please visit:

For Parents please visit:  

What about security, theft and damage to the physical device?

Devices will be the responsibility of the student; in the same way a student, not the school, is responsible for his or her phone during the school day. Devices should be taken into classrooms during class time and at recess, students need to ensure the security of their own device. Students will take their devices home at the end of the day. Students will be educated in the proper care and appropriate use of their device. Optional insurance is available when purchasing devices from the school’s purchasing portal. Parents may also review their insurance policies to see if the BYOx device is covered under home and contents insurance for accidental loss or damage at, or outside the home. It is recommended that a suitable protective bag is used for the device. The school will accept no responsibility for the security or safety of the device. Should a device become damaged through a deliberate action of another student, this should be reported to the Year Level Coordinator. 

What technical support will be available to students at school?

As the devices are privately owned there will be no formal technical support other than providing the wireless connectivity for students. The school technician does not take the place of your device’s warranty. The IT department is more than happy to provide advice and offer assistance where possible but it will be at the technician’s discretion how far he can proceed. If the device is an Acer (recommended device) with the 3 year onsite warranty, the device can be taken to the school’s IT support who will log the warranty job with Acer. The repair by Acer will take place at school during school hours.​

What about viruses?

Personal devices cannot be connected to the school’s BYO network unless they have a current up-to-date antivirus program installed. No computer is immune to viruses or spam. Virus protection will need to be regularly updated and scans carried out. If a device is found to have out-of-date or no anti-virus at all, it will be removed from the network until anti-virus protection has been updated. For suitable software, please see the Antivirus section on our Software for Students page.

What filtering will be provided when students connect their own device/s?

The standard filter which is currently provided on the school network will apply to student owned devices as long as they connect to the school network in line with the Acceptable Use Policy.​

What is the policy for charging personally owned devices at school?

Currently there is no capacity for charging personal devices at school. Ideally all devices should have sufficient battery quality to last the day. However, the school is investigating charging options for the future.​

What accessories are recommended?

​​​​We strongly recommend devices are carried in a hard case and that students have a school bag which is suitable for transporting the device safely. ​