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Software for Students


Microsoft Office

All student devices must have the Microsoft Office suite of software installed (Word, Excel, Publisher, One Note, Power Point) as a large number of class curriculum is based around these programs. Microsoft Office is provided free to all Education Queensland students. This allows you to install the software on up to 5 devices and is for any privately owned device you may have in your household.

School technicians will install Microsoft Office on the student's school device when it is onboarded. To install on other devices at home, please follow the linked instructions.

Antivirus software​

It is essential that BYOx devices are protected by antivirus software. New devices usually come with trial versions of corporate antivirus applications which will ask for a subscription fee at the end of the trial period. There are suitable free antivirus and anti-malware applications available. We recommend either Avast or AVG in combination with a malware application such as Malwarebytes. These applications all have paid versions, but the free versions are adequate protection for connecting to our school network. If you have a current paid subscription to an antivirus application allowing installation on multiple devices, this is fine to install on the BYOx device.​ 

Classroom software

Different subject areas utilise specific software chosen for a purpose. An example of this is Google SketchUp or Autodesk Rivet, Inventor and AutoCad. Students can access free educational versions of these for use on their personal devices. Staff will let students know how to access these. 

Students have access to a range of industry standard software so that they are exposed to and gain experience with using real world applications. Industrial Design & Technology students use industry standard 3D design software to build prototypes before they produce them using the latest 3D printing technologies. Film & TV and some IT subjects​ use applications from the Adobe Suite. Access to this software on personal devices has a $20 cost which is included in subject fees.

Software applications may also be used for a range of classroom uses, for example, creating multimedia presentations, diagramming. Software used for these purposes will be available as standard Windows applications or available for free download to the student’s device. Downloading applications is not possible when the student’s device is connected to the school network.​