Clubs and societies



Over the past 10 years our showcase choir has continually been growing in confidence and enrolments.  From our Year 7’s to Year 12’s, the showcase choir is a relaxed club that meets once a week (Recess 1 on Wednesdays) as a full ensemble with a chance to enjoy modern vocal repertoire. The students select their songs based around yearly productions and look to cover as many classics and popular songs as possible. The small group eventually turns into a real close family that not only enjoys each other’s company but also experiences the chance to sing as a group/duet/trio or solo. They currently learn under the guidance of Mrs Little and Mr Hodgo, and both teachers are again excited about the upcoming 2020 Aldridge Got Talent production.

Art Club

The purpose of the Art Club is to provide students the opportunity to engage in The Arts with guidance from the supervising teacher, Ms Prince. This club, which meets in F10 Recess 1 of every Tuesday, will be project based, allowing students to collaborate on a range of artistic forms to produce an outcome that can be shared with the school and wider community. It will also allow a space for students to work on their own projects.

Chess Club

The Chess Club officially meet in the library Recess 2 of every Thursday however students are encouraged to come along and use the Chess resources in the library at any time during lunch breaks. The Club participate in three Wide Bay Championships throughout the year and have a volunteer from the Maryborough Monarchs who attends during Recess once a week to coach the students and help build on their skills. For anyone interested in being a part of the club, please see Mrs Higgins in the Aldridge Library.


Eco Committee Club

The focus of the Aldridge Eco Committee Club is to develop, implement and monitor the school's Eco-Action Plan that addresses the environmental concerns of the school community. A major project the students are working on is to implement recycling bins around the school grounds. The students will be responsible for creating the ideas surrounding marketing and advertising of the bins purpose and where to position these bins in the school grounds to make it easy to monitor their use and collect their refuse. They will also be in charge of educating the entire school of the importance of their function in reducing off site impacts such as pollution and contribution to unsustainable landfill in our local area.
The club meets every second Wednesday in Recess 1 (day 8 of timetable) and every second Friday in Recess 1 (day 5 of timetable). If students are interested in becoming a member of the Eco Committee Club they are encouraged to speak to Mr Yates or Ms Graham.

Dance Club

Dance club offers students the opportunity to experience dance in a safe and fun environment. Students will learn dance skills and techniques as well as learning dances, with the overall goal of performing for a live audience. Dance helps build student self-confidence, spatial awareness and teamwork skills in a collaborative and inclusive environment. All students are welcome! Dance club meets at Recess 1 every Thursday.

Drama Club

Drama club is a space where we explore a variety of theatre genres and styles. During our sessions we learn new techniques and rehearse skills in making dramatic meaning. Through working together members of our troupe build valuable life skills such as confidence, focus, teamwork, creativity and empathy through experiencing different characters and situations. Drama club is a supportive environment that is full of energy and entertainment, and we’re looking forward to expanding our presence at Aldridge this year. If you have a passion in any of these areas please come and check out our Drama club at Recess 1 on Mondays & Thursdays.


Duke of Edinburgh

The students involved in the Duke of Edinburgh club meet every Friday at Recess 1 in C7 to plan, prepare and train for the adventurous journey component of the Duke of Edinburgh award. Mr Doneman is working alongside the students to ensure they are on track to achieve the award they are working so hard for.

Last reviewed 02 February 2022
Last updated 02 February 2022