Guidance Officer


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The role of the Guidance Officer in Education Queensland Schools

  • Advocate, provide counselling, psychoeducational assessment and individual student support, recommendations and advice to students, teachers and parents concerning educational, behavioural, career development, mental health and family issues.
  • Work as part of a multidisciplinary team and facilitate effective working relationships and partnerships with parents, school personnel and external support agencies in order to provide a comprehensive support, case management and referral service that optimises students’ access and engagement in educational programs.
  • Provide a counselling and referral service to assist students in decision making about critical educational, personal, social, emotional and career development, and provide ongoing support during the implementation phase of their decision.
  • Conduct activities such as student observation and psychoeducational assessment in order to determine the nature of student learning difficulties, disability, developmental levels or psychological and emotional status in order to make recommendations for educational adjustments and interventions.
  • Assist the school in the implementation of student protection, gifted and talented education, behaviour support policies and risk management processes that may involve the development of individualised student plans, including Educational Support Plans. 
  • Provide specific support in secondary schools that may include involvement in the process of Senior Education and Training (SET) planning, career development and future pathway options counselling. 
  • Guidance Officers, while respecting student privacy and confidentiality, work as members of a support team and are committed to providing quality education services for every young Queenslander regardless of their circumstances.

Aldridge Guidance Services

Mr David Clark is the school's Guidance Officer. Part of his role as Guidance Officer is to provide support to students and families in terms of maximizing students’ educational, social and emotional wellbeing.

As young people move through adolescence, they and their families face a number of challenges that range from personal issues, relationship issues, educational concerns and planning a starting point for their future after school. Mr Clark is available to speak with student​s or families about any concerns that may be occurring in the school or home setting that may be impacting on a young person’s wellbeing. The aim is to assist all parties to reframe the particular problem or problems so that solutions can be found.

In addition, Mr Clark can provide students and families with a range of resources that can assist all parties in the transition from the school setting to either other educational institutions or workplaces.

Mr Clark is available to speak or meet with students and families at arranged times.

Please contact the school office on (07) 4120 8444 to arrange an appointment.

Students are also free to make an appointment time.

Last reviewed 08 April 2022
Last updated 08 April 2022