Vocational and Transition skills



The Vocational and Transition Skills programme offered at the Learning Enhancement Centre endeavours to develop skills that are vital to help students move from school to work. This program will help to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude of students in transitioning to leaving Aldridge after Year 12.

At the Aldridge Learning Enhancement Centre:

Vocational and Transition Skills is only offered to the seniors at Aldridge's Learning Enhancement Centre. This means only Year Ten, Eleven and Twelve are offered this subject. In VTA students gain experience with a variety of involvement within different community services such as Riding for the Disable, Lifeline and Endeavour Foundation. The students will also learn how to write a resume and complete common household routines, not only general cooking and cleaning but also shopping for ingredients and learning basic hygiene.

Why study Vocational and Transitional Skills?

Vocational and Transitional Skills helps students learn to experience not only what is going to happen when they move from school to work but give them the tools to be able to cope with this process. These tools will allow them to develop skills in becoming independent people. This will help them to be less reliant on others, to become better at decision making and broaden their horizons. Through participation in the community projects, the students can improve self-esteem, self-confidence and shape the person they want to be.

Facilities and Equipment:

Students in Vocational and Transitional Skills have access to classes in all areas of the school, and we use the facilities in our school kitchens for the household aspect of our curriculum as well as weekly visits to the farm. We also utilise the bus to take trips to community service places as well as trips to some local shopping centres.


With Vocational and Transitional skills we also have onsite learning which means the students don't just learn in a classroom, but get priceless industry experience in a genuine work environment. The students who complete this course will be setting themselves up as independent people that can make better decisions for their life as they have developed the skills to be successful.


Mrs Williams and Mrs Higgins coordinates the Vocational and Transitional Skills program within the Aldridge Learning Enhancement Centre for the Year Ten, Eleven and Twelve students.


Units of study:


Year One​
Year Two
Year Three
Term 1

Community Group: Lost Property

Farm Skills

Assignment: Resume and Cover Letter

Community Group: Lost Property and Shopping expedition

Farm Skills

Assignment: 2 Course Menu for 2 people

Community Group: Lost Property

Farm Skills

Assignment: Cooking- lunches and healthy eating

Term 2

Community Group: Riding for the Disabled

Farm Skills

Assignment: Job Interview, Letter of Application and Mock Interview

Community Group: Men's Shed

Farm Skills

Assignment: Kitchen Safety and using household appliances

Community Group: The Rural Fire Brigade

Farm Skills

Assignment: Plan and budget for a special event- 18th Birthday party

Term 3

Community Group: Lost Property

Farm Skills

Assignment: Diet and Nutrition and successfully starting a Crayfish Farm.

Community Group: Lost Property

Farm Skills

Assignment: Community and Community Awareness

Community Group: School Maintenance

Farm Skills

Assignment: Completing set tasks on gardens and using maintenance appliances.

Term 4

Community Group: Lifeline

Farm Skills

Assignment: Table Runner

Community Group: St Vincent De Paul

Farm Skills

Assignment: Christmas Plan and Santa Sack

Community Group; Salvation Army

Farm Skills

Assignment: Christmas decorations

and Christmas cards

Christmas Cooking.



Last reviewed 30 July 2021
Last updated 30 July 2021